16 7 / 2012

Where?  The Moon Kingdom

From? Anime: Sailor Moon (Season 1), Manga

Gathering some screen shots from various sites online (many from silvermoon424.tumblr.com who has multiple photo sets of the different locations).  The Moon Kingdom from the Silver Millennium is similar to Crystal Tokyo of the future in the abundant use of white material and a reliance on classical architectural motifs like columns, etc (though, the palace itself is based on the Taj Mahal).  

I want to go! 

Every time I go to the Library of Congress in DC, I feel like I’m in some elaborate cosplay stage.  The neo-classical palace of books is enormous, beautiful, and free to the public.  If you live in the DC area and see a researcher in the Asian Reading Room wearing a white dress and an amused expression, that, uh, would probably be me.

Coincidentally, there is a metro stop along the way called “Crystal City.” Sadly, it is not lovely at all haha.   

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    Where? The Moon Kingdom From? Anime: Sailor Moon (Season 1), Manga Gathering some screen shots from various sites online...
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