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I guess I’m the only person that is pretty disappointed with each new episode of Sailor Moon Crystal.  .  

I never understood people who want faithful manga adaptations, down to the individual panel (or people who want films to be identical to the novels they are based on).  They are different mediums and require different storytelling decisions, after all.   So while other fans might be happy at how “accurate” the show is, it just feels really uninspired to me   

The first episode was beautiful so I’m still holding out hope that Masquerade will bring that level of quality back.  And the most exciting thing in the last 2 episodes was seeing contemporary Azabu Juban animated haha. 

02 8 / 2014


Ahhhh check out this lolita Sailor Moon One-Piece on Loli-loli Paradise for 400 HKD ($51.61 USD)!  This dress is a pre-order, and this seller usually does really limited runs, so if you want it, jump on it quick!  Info on how to order from them is on their Facebook page.


Ahhhh check out this lolita Sailor Moon One-Piece on Loli-loli Paradise for 400 HKD ($51.61 USD)!  This dress is a pre-order, and this seller usually does really limited runs, so if you want it, jump on it quick!  Info on how to order from them is on their Facebook page.

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Reminds me of…

(Yay when 2 of my fandoms collide.  The Usagi-esque one on the right is Iikubo Haruna of Morning Musume with her buddy Wada Ayaka of S/mileage.)

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(Top two images are from Lunar Archivist.)

I’m trying to wrap my head around Makoto’s apartment. How does this look? Close?

We see Makoto’s apartment twice; once briefly in R and again more closely at the start of the SuperS movie. Between the two there are some differences, but enough similarities to make me think it’s meant to be the same place. But we have to assume that one of the representations is “wrong”. Given how much more effort was put into her room for the SuperS movie, I figure it should take precedence, and the glimpse we see of her room in R should just serve as inspiration.

Makoto’s place is 206, and given the abundance of windows I’m guessing it’s one of the corner apartments, which allows for the L-shape. The windows are what allow us to place most everything. The big window in the kitchen scene matches the window(s) to the far right in the exterior building shot.

The door behind Ami doesn’t match the front door and the louvers make it look like a bathroom or bedroom door, but realistically speaking, Makoto probably only has a one-room apartment, so it’s probably a bathroom. Because we can see the exterior hallway, we know that the apartments are flush with exterior wall, so the bathroom probably sticks out like in the illustration.

The large windows that look out onto the balcony are probably not sliding doors (the panels are too narrow) so they are probably two large windows and a single door. If we take some liberties with the glimpse we see of Makoto’s room in R, then it’s possible that her bed is against that corner. The purple sofa chair we see in the pan shot may be the same sofa in the concept sketch (or at least in the same place). So the pan shot kind of… swings in an L-shaped arc around to the kitchen area. Finally, she would have some kind of divider or curtain to separate her bed from the rest of her apartment.

I’m sticking with this because trying to think of anything else makes my head hurt.

@windchimesandsmoke said: but if she can see the island and sink from her bed it wouldn’t be around a corner would it?

That’s why I’m saying we have to accept that one of these is wrong, and I’m guessing it’s the episode from R. There isn’t any other way to make the R placement work with the established layout of her kitchen. But we can take it as inspiration; the pan shot is kind of an abstract representation of Minako’s chaos.

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I knew it

I knew it

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some quick thoughts on the latest episode:

  • is it me or was the animation REALLY sloppy? like REALLY REALLY sloppy?
  • the frame by frame manga lift is great in some areas and not so great in others. i think PGSM wins with Act 2 because the focus was solely on usagi and ami. they save each other…

It was like they had a completely different character designer for episode 2!

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Whose Stuff? Everyone’s

From? Anime: Sailor Moon Crystal.

Season 1 Opening credits

What?  Outfit tops


Makoto: Asos (sold out)

Mina: Jcrew

Usagi: Ebay

Ami: Modcloth

Rei: Fucking Dolce & Gabbana bitches 

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I really like that rabbit snow globe! 

Whose Stuff? Usagi

From? Anime: Sailor Moon Crystal.

Season 1 Episode 1: 「うさぎ –SAILOR MOON」or “Usagi - Sailor Moon.”

What?  RABBIT SNOW GLOBE (that was the first thing that caught my eye too)


Pottery Barn Kids Night-light & Snow Globe (now on ebay)

UK shop Birdie & Wood (or the original Chinese distributor)

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Oops, I reblogged this on the wrong page…

Since I just got a bunch of new followers in the wake of Sailor Moon Crystal (hi!)…

and since my old stuff is buried under a few months of baby-related inactivity…

I wanted to reblog some of my favorite Sailor Moon finds.  Here is my #2 favorite: 


Whose stuff?  Tsukino Usagi/ Serena

From? Anime: Sailor Moon (season 1) 

Season Episode 2: Series Episode 2 -「おしおきよ!占いハウスは妖魔の館」 or “Punish Them! The House of Fortune is the Monster Mansion”

What?   Black criss-cross mary janes!

Shoe fortune telling works like this apparently: if you flip your shoe in the air and it lands on the head of some random jerk, then you’re destined to marry him.  

I actually own an identical pair to these that my mom bought for me at Macy’s in like 1995 (the brand was Unlisted I think?).  My mom was really sweet about it too.  I had no right to buy an extra pair of dressy-ish shoes and plus, I was a huge brat throughout the 90s and uh, 2000s too. But, she was like “sometimes I just like giving you presents because you can also be a really good girl!” Anyhow, these shoes are linked to that random, nice memory of my mother even more so than Sailor Moon.  

GIMME!   Tic-Tac-Toes for only $38.

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